Tenant Screening

Rigorous Standards

We’re not just looking for renters… our goal is to find long-term residents for your property(ies). The ‘perfect’ resident is someone who fits Auburn Rose’s stringent criteria:

  • Good credit history
  • Clean criminal history
  • Reliable employment history (with adequate income confirmed)
  • No history of eviction (we search court system records)
  • Satisfactory rental history verification
  • Inspection of their current home

Tenant Screening Do’s and Don’ts

Auburn Rose follows these guidelines for every resident placement.

Educated Residents

Auburn Rose takes the time with each new resident to explain the benefits and responsibilities of leasing a home from us, to ensure your property is cared for and maintained.

Protecting Your Interests

Auburn Rose provides legal protection through exhaustive documentation of your property’s condition before and after move-in:

  • Detailed, lawyer-drafted leases
  • Deposit forms
  • Other legal documents as needed (e.g., eviction notices) for all of our rental properties

Before a resident moves out, Auburn Rose performs a detailed inspection, documents findings in a report, and takes photos of the unit. These measures protect you and Auburn Rose against any future fraudulent claims from former tenants.