Rental Management Services Dedicated to You

For Owners

Auburn Rose has the expertise and commitment to fulfill your real estate investment needs with our rental management services.

Whether you’re looking to rent out a primary or vacation residence until the market improves, or this is purely an investment property, Auburn Rose will protect your assets:

  • Thorough screening for quality tenant placement
  • Dependable rent collection and accounting
  • Quality maintenance that keeps your house in great condition

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For Realtors

Auburn Rose is more than a service provider – we’ll make you a hero in your clients’ eyes.

If you’re a realtor renting residential / commercial properties, in charge of a homeowner’s or condo association (HOA), or a single home, Auburn Rose will:

  • Manage your property(ies) effectively
  • Handle rental inquiry calls from prospective tenants
  • Prescreen calls from homeowners looking to list/invest with you

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For Residents

Auburn Rose will help find the rental property that fits your dreams and your budget.

Whether you’re a first-time renter looking for an affordable condo, or a family relocating to the Baltimore metropolitan area wanting to rent a house, Auburn Rose is there for you:

  • Treat you with respect throughout the process and after you move in
  • Identify the best properties on the market for your needs
  • Accessible 24/7 for maintenance emergencies

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