Rent Collection


Auburn Rose does the paperwork chores for you. We keep complete, accurate records of every income and expense that affects your property.

Prompt Payment and Information

All statements and rental checks are sent to you by the tenth day each month. Direct Deposit is available.

Aggressive Collection

Auburn Rose’s owners are experienced in rental collections and tenant-landlord law. We take rent payment very seriously. You provide an excellent home for residents, it’s their responsibility to pay you on time, no exceptions.

Our policy states: All rents are due on the first of the month. Rent is considered late by the fifth day of the month; we file for eviction in District Court on the following business day: no exceptions.

Eviction and Rent Court Services

As your property management team, Auburn Rose will help you comply with state and federal laws regarding evictions. We’ll also handle all eviction proceedings and Maryland court appearances:

  • Filing court notices
  • Representing property clients in court
  • Mailing and posting Notice of Eviction
  • Calling sheriff to schedule eviction
  • Meeting sheriff on day of eviction with all receipts
  • Changing locks
  • Securing property
  • Hauling services

More information is available in our Eviction Q&A.