Q: What do I do if a tenant has not paid rent and still has possession of my property?

A: Auburn Rose will file in rent court for you and represent you in court.

Q: What happens once there is a judgment against my tenant?

A: Auburn Rose will handle mailing the eviction notice and posting it at the property. As well, we will comply with that county’s specific requirements.

For example, in Baltimore City law states a minimum of two notifications must be given to the tenant:

  1. The second notification must be via first class mail with a Certificate of Mailing from the post office, at least 15 days before the eviction date.
  2. The third notification must be posted on the tenant’s door, at least eight days prior to the eviction date.

The written and posted notice must state:

  • The district court case number
  • Eviction date and time
  • Explanation that eviction will occur on that date, unless the tenant moves out or pays the amount ordered by the court to remain a tenant
  • Any property left by the tenant will be considered abandoned and may be disposed of by the landlord
  • This is the final notice of eviction, even if the eviction date is postponed by the sheriff or a judge. Also explain:
    • Holidays and weekends count as days toward eviction
    • If the sheriff or judge postpones the eviction date for any reason, the landlord is not required to provide additional notice to the tenant

In the counties surrounding Baltimore, MD sheriff’s departments require informing a tenant of the eviction date before the actual physical date.