At Auburn Rose, property management sometimes means dealing with maintenance and repair issues as they arise. These days, a freelance contractor can come to the rescue.

So, you have a  project around the home or office but do not possess the tools or skills to get the job done? Maybe you are in the position where your time is worth more than your money. Maybe you just don’t feel like getting “elbow deep” in the work. Whatever the reason, your project can be completed by someone else. In the past, when a person needed to hire a professional contractor, they looked in a phone book and/or asked friends and family for references. The person might even check with the Better Business Bureau to see if a contractor had a good reputation. These days few people even have a phone book, much less use them to find local businesses. Property management firms have many modern alternatives to help in these searches for property management maintenance freelance contractors.
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Many of us have heard of, but some people are leery of hiring a professional from there. There is often no way to check the credentials of someone who may be coming into your home or office, when they are found on Craigslist. Then there is and a few others of the like, but there are still other places out there and you can hire some truly outstanding professionals covering myriad services. One up and comer is called, where customers can find contractors ranging from academic tutors, to musical instrument lessons, to plumbers and excavation professionals. Those looking for marketing, information technology (IT), editing, corporate design branding, and writing services should check out and to find a freelance contractor.

As a general rule, contractors should not be paid up-front, even partially. There is just too much risk involved and too many scoundrels out there trying to make a quick, easy buck. Always ask your contractor if you can contact some of their past clients, and see if they have a portfolio of their past work. Contractors love to brag on themselves, so give them the chance.

All but one of the websites mentioned allow clients to rate their freelancer or contractor, which can help assure a potential client of quality work. Now, it is still a good idea to ask those you know for references and check the Better Business Bureau, but if you are new to an area without friends and family nearby, the internet can certainly help you find that professional, freelance contractor. The process of hiring a contractor can be overwhelming, but by taking advantage of good resources, your property management project can be completed with outstanding results.